I've known my boyfriend for a year now. In celebration of his birthday we went to a basketball game with two of his male friends. As the four of us were leaving the stadium, one friend and I were having what I considered playful drunken banter. Apparently, I said something he didn't like and he shoved me, right in front of my boyfriend. I chose to consider this an act of play and turned to my boyfriend to playfully swat at him for not reprimanding his friend. When I did this the friend that shoved me said, "Why is she always getting on you for stuff I did." So I playfully swatted at the friend as well. This is where things go left. The friend then shoves me while simultaneously kicking my legs from under me. He held my arms in an attempt to not let me hit the floor but my full body weight ended up coming down on my right arm. My arm and hand were swollen from finger tip to shoulder blade for a week and a half. As soon as I was picked up from the floor I knew something was wrong with my arm and hand but because I was so outraged at the fact that it happened I didn't allow my boyfriend to console, hold, or speak to me in those following couple of hours. After two x-rays the doctors were able to tell me that I had sustained severe muscle and nerve damage and would need to not lift anything over twenty pounds for three weeks. I am a preschool teacher and was devastated at the idea of not being able to do my job. Not to mention the physical therapy that I will need in order to regain full use of my hand and arm. This incident happened three weeks ago and I'm still dealing with nerve damage and swelling. The friend was apologetic and sympathetic for causing the injury and has offered to help with medical expenses. While my boyfriend has also offered to help pay the medical expenses from my x-rays and physical therapy. He maintains the stance that I brought this on myself by not getting out of the guys face after he shoved me the first time. He also has expressed that he has little to no sympathy for my feelings regarding the matter because when it happened, he tried to comfort me and I pushed him away. In my mind, right is right and wrong is wrong and under no circumstances should his friend have shoved me the FIRST time without him saying something to his friend. Am I being petty for feeling like he didn't do enough to protect me? And how should I feel about the fact that he feels I brought this possibly life-long injury upon myself?