Dear Steve and Shirley,

I need some advice. I am currently a new mommy and my child is a year old. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 years. I'm 22 years old and he is 24. First of all, it started with his cell phone. Recently, he's been acting so tight and guarding his phone. I felt that if I was hanging off a ledge and so was his phone, he would save his phone before he saved me. When he went to sleep, my instinct told me to look through his phone and when I did, oh my goodness! There were several pictures of naked girls and a lot of different porn and videos of him in the act. He was also sending out pictures. The worst part was that I know some of them. I confronted him about this and all he would say is, you don't understand we are only friends.  I told him that friends don't talk that way. I called them names and he told me not to call his friends, who are girls, those names. My mind was blown. I feel he really did cheat on me. He was neglecting me and spending all his time on the phone. I felt his phone was his girlfriend and not me. Later on, he said he was going to stop because he didn't wanna loose me over pictures and dirty talk. He now shows me his phone and lets me hold it. When someone calls, he tells me who it is but I still don't trust him. I feel he has a secret, hidden app for his nasty pictures. Now when his phone goes off, I automatically think he's talking to those single, can't get a man, slutty girls!Am I wrong for feeling like this? Or should I trust him and just move forward in our relationship? Everything else is great. I need help!