Good Morning Steve, Carla, Shirley and Nephew Tommy,

I will get directly to the point of the letter. My wife and I starting dating in September of 2006 and finally got married in March of 2008. We were only dating seven months before her mother moved in with us. Remind you her mother does not have any illness, sickness, and no problems. She works everyday and has no bills, but when I mention to my wife that I would like to have our family and house to ourselves. She tells me "My mother don't have to go anywhere." She told me if I want her mom to move then I need to buy a house so she, I and our twelve year old daughter could move into. I understand that I moved from another state to be with her. She already had her own home and I moved in. Now I'm being told that the only way her mother could leave is if I purchased another house, but I feel as the husband I don't get any respect. She talks to me like a child, and whenever she gets mad I'm degraded to the fullest extent. Please help me! I'm so frustrated.