Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 32-year-old single woman. I have a lot going on for myself - I just graduated with my Ph.D and am advancing in my career. There is this older woman who feels as though she has to hook me up with someone. I am very happy being single and I do want to get married one day, but I am trying to work on my goals right now. She has tried several times to set me up with her nephew who has no job, not doing anything with his life, but she says he needs a good woman to encourage him (he is 36). She has also tried to set me up with her 37-year-old godson. When I tell her I am happy and not interested, she says you don't want to be one of those old women raising cats, do you? I have never met these guys, never seen them, and they pass their numbers through her to me like high school games. She has even given out my number without my permission to her godson. I don't know what to do, Steve. I respect her and don't want to curse her out but how do I tell her to leave my business alone? I am tired of being nice when she is too old to be messy and intrusive. She is almost 60, married and divorced, and tries to talk to any man she can. Please help!