Dear Morning Show,

I have found the person who I believe I want to spend the rest of my life with! But we have one huge problem. He wants me to quit smoking! Uncle Steve, we have been together for over five years, and living together for four. I have been a "stoner" throughout the entire duration of our relationship, and was before we started dating. He on the other hand, doesn't smoke at all and drinks socially, I do not drink, EVER. We are both young college grads and professionals, I am teacher and he's an engineer, and I really see a future with him but he insists that I stop smoking before he "puts a ring on it." I know smoking is unhealthy and unattractive, but I don't like the constant pressure to quit or the conditions on our "love" especially when I look past his faults and try to love him unconditionally. I LOVE him flaws and ALL and I just want the same in return? Am I asking too much?  

Proud Stoner