Dear Shirley and Steve,

I am a 34 year old woman married to a 32 year old man. I know people say females mature a little faster then men and in my case this is definitely the case. Even though there is only a two year age difference sometimes I feel like I am raising my son (mind you we have a son that I HAVE to raise.) Let me give you some background. We met two years ago and married 3 months later. I know we took the 90 day rule to a whole new level right! After we met that night we were never really apart again, discussed our goals, ambitions, children, and decided we wanted to get married and have a son so we did BOTH in that order. I know the way we speed dated left somethings to chance but I thought it would be ok. Fast forward two years and he acts like a child from his cleaning habits, TV habits (cartoons), comic books, action figures, and job responsibilities. I have a 14 year old daughter and sometimes I can't tell who made the mess him her or her!? I think that is sad. Up until recently he didn't take his career serious and got demoted. Steve and Shirley he is the only one still playing house meanwhile I am busy living in reality. Cooking, cleaning, working, and raising kids. He isn't cheating, he isn't beating me and is a good father but how long do I wait for him to grow up?