Dear Steve and Shirley, I'm a 21 year old college student majoring in psychology. Recently, I've enrolled in FSU and decided to live on campus. Everything was going great until my room-mate decided she would move her brother in. Now let me explain, I had no idea who this brother was nor did I agree she can move him in. Here's where the story gets better! He thinks he is STEVE HARVEY. Now I know this might sound like a joke, but the man is a huge Steve Harvey fan which literally has him going bonkers over everything. While coming home from class I walk into a house full of Steve Harvey posters, movies, cups, and more. He then introduces himself as Steve and tells me I can also call him Mr. HighTower! I chuckled inside, but then questioned myself if he was serious or was this a joke, being played on me. After a week of living with this brother it came to an understanding that he really thinks he is Steve Harvey. He glued a fake mustache and claims it's real, he goes around telling all the campus students that his dad is Steve Harvey and he is named after him. People actually believe this fool! He is attending school for acting cause he claims one day he is going to be the next Steve Harvey. He records every family feud episode only because Steve Harvey is on it. He watches the old Apollo episodes when Steve Harvey was a host and says that's going to be him one day. This is really starting to get insane, I have friends and teachers asking me if he really is Steve Harvey's son. Now it's really getting out of hand cause he is talking about wanting botox done on his lips so he can have lips like Steve Harvey. He listens to your morning show everyday and says he is going to be on the radio with Steve Harvey. I just cant take anymore of this Steve Harvey faze he is going threw. I pray he outcomes it because things are getting worst and worst everyday. I spoke with my room-mate about her brother and the things he is doing and she thinks it's cute and funny. She says her brother has always been a Steve Harvey fanatic and that I should leave him alone cause things aren't going to change. I told her that I never agreed on her brother moving in and she told me I didn't have to agree that bills are split equally and she can have whoever she wants move in so for me to get over it. I can't even focus well in School cause all I hear is Steve Harvey on the TV, radio, bathroom, room, everywhere! I'm going crazy with this brother of hers and things are getting out of control. I can't afford to move to another dorm, nor do I know how to explain this situation to my parents. Please help me Steve and Shirley, I'm sure he is listening to this letter as well. Please let this guy know that there is only one Steve Harvey and it's not him! Thank for your time