Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have been friends with this woman for a little over six years. We met at work and quickly became friends, but we didn't hang out because she was married and that is not cool to me. We all got closer and they made me the Godfather of their son, but for whatever reason the father became more and more distant and she seemed to get more and more dependent on me. He would be home and she would need to run errands. They would ask if I could watch their son and she would go out and I would babysit. The marriage ended about 19 months ago and I was there through all the tears, the hurt and the anger. The father is MIA, and so I do things with my Godson. I love hanging out with the little man. People at the mall, Wal-Mart and around town think he is my son. Last weekend he and I went to the Bobcats game in Charlotte we got back to town about 1 am. She came to the door in her robe, not like my mom's robe it was a satin one that fell at the middle of the thigh. She said that it was late and that I look tired, so I should just spend the night and I can sleep in the guest room. I won't tell you that one thing led to another bit because I had that feeling, you know. We had sex and it was really good, but I am really not feeling her like that. Yes, I love her but we have been friends so long. I would continue to have sex with her, but I can't because since then she has been clingy and inquisitive. How do I remove that without expelling myself from little man's life? He is not my son, but I feel like he is. I was thinking with the wrong body part!