Hello Steve and Shirley,

I am a twenty four year old single mother of a beautiful two year old little girl. I work and go to school at this time. I'm a great mother and a very caring woman. Me and my daughter's dad have been separated for almost two years now and I am in a new relationship now. Me and my baby daddy get along good sometimes but we have our disagreements sometimes too. My problem is that I still love him and I love my boyfriend. I tell myself what is wrong with me, he left me and my daughter twice. I think about the good times we had. As for my boyfriend now. He has a two year old son and he is a great father. He has his flaws though. He don't have a driver license, he has been evicted so he can't get his own place, his car is always messed up, he has bad credit, and the list keeps going. He loves me, he holds me, and he takes care of me. Well not too long ago my baby daddy came to me when me and boyfriend were have problems and said that he missed the way things used to be between me and him. That blew my mind. I was gonna break up with my boyfriend and go back to my baby daddy. When I told my boyfriend that I didn't want to be with him, we worked things out. I don't know what to do. Its hard being around one man and thinking about another. Please HELP ME! I don't know what to do.