Dear Steve, Shirley and all the morning show hosts,

My girlfriend works at a large medical institution that is very health conscious. A male employee is a health/fitness instructor and trains several female coworkers, on and off the premises. These ladies, including my girlfriend, pay for fitness training. I have met the guy twice, both times with my girlfriend, once when he came to our local park for a training session with her, and then later, socially, at a birthday party for one of his coworkers and student's young daughter, last summer. I recently discovered that this guy sent nude pics of himself to my girlfriend in December. My girlfriend says "he was testing the waters with her. She says he first expressed interest immediately after the party. She did not volunteer the information about the pics or when he initially expressed interest in her. I know this guy is married and has two daughters. My girlfriend told me she rebuffed his advances and that they are only good friends. But something just doesn't add up. If she rebuffed him in the summer, how is it he is sending a nude pic months later, in December? I'm not sure if I believe that she shut him down or is flirting or having an affair. I'm uncomfortable with the fact that they have contact every day at work, during training sessions and socially. How would you handle the situation, particularly dealing with her fitness instructor the next time I run into him?