Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am a 35 year old single mother of one. I recently was reunited with my first sweetheart. It's been years since we have talked. Long story short we pretty much started where we left off with the mutual promise we would not catch feelings. Our outings usually end at my place watching movies but only when my son is with his dad. We have been having "controlled" unprotected sex for a few weeks now. It doesn't bother me but lately I have been thinking about having another child but had always said one "baby daddy" is enough and wasn't going to put myself through the stress of dealing with two men. Unfortunately, the bridge between my son's father and I has been demolished with no chance of reconstruction. Long story short he has been making little comments like what if I forget. I tell him he knows his body better than me so as responsible adults we should go back to using protection cause I don't like surprises that could be prevented. But the other day we didn't have any and we did it and the rest is obvious. He is a great guy and I feel it would work but how do I tell him I'm falling for him all over again without pushing him away.


In love and confused