Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am a very healthy 59 year old man married to a very sexy and voluptuous 54 year old woman. we have been married for 28 years and known each other for 30 years. After all these years together our love for each other is still very strong and yes, we still have good sex. We often go out clubbing together and we enjoy each others company. There is this one club that is our regular hang out that we call the HOLE IN THE WALL. We always go there to have a good time and meet with some of my wife's friends. We have come to know a lot of people there that we call the regulars, people that are always there. There is this one guy that overstepped his bounds. We have known him for a few years and he always speaks to us and is always polite to us. One night me and my wife were there and he was there but I can see that he had a lot to drink. My wife and I were sitting at a table with her sister and her friend when he walked over to our table and said into my ear CAN I TOUCH HER BREAST. I was shocked and then I became angry. I immediately told him to get the away from our table. My wife seeing that something was wrong tried to console me because I was very upset. This guy sensing that he did something wrong wanted to come back to apologize but I was having non of that and again I told him to get the away from us. The nerve of this guy to come and say something like this to me. Now he did not mention my wife by name but he still had no business saying anything like that to me, I don't know him like that. Later that night he walked near me and I started to walk toward him but my wife grabbed me and told me to calm down. He needs to have his BUTT whipped and I will do it and me being healthy at my age I will do it. Now most of my wife's friends who hang out there are not married and have no man in their lives. My wife and one of her friends (who is not married) told me that he was just drunk and to forget about it and to leave it alone. Steve and Shirley I cannot forget about it and I will not leave it alone. I feel disrespected and violated. What I want to do is put my foot up his you know what. What's distrubing is her friends always call her to came back up to the hole in the wall like nothing ever happened but they all know that it did happen by now because they talk. I really don't care about going back there because of the tension it will cause and most likely he will be there. Am I overreacting? Can I please get an opinion from someone who is married. I know I will get a different answer. I am tired of hearing an opinion about this from people who are not married.