Dear Steve and Shirley,

I'm a 34 year old male who has no clue what just hit me. Well I have three kids with the mother and we were together for nine and half years and on our way to getting married so I thought. We put money down on a hall and we were less than a year away from making this official but something just didn't feel right. Now during our relationship neither one of us were faithful. In the first couple of months when we got together I cheated with two women but my conscious ate away at me and I told myself I would never do it again. So for nine years I was faithful. With her I heard rumors from various family members but I just didn't think it was true because I thought I knew her and didn't think she was capable of doing that to me. So after putting the money down on the hall I let everything in our past go and I was ready to start a brand new life with this woman. A couple of months went by and my FIANCE was spotted getting out my cousins truck by the way this is the same cousin I heard rumors about she was sleeping around with. To make this long story short she was messing around with my cousin for five years and after that I just couldn't stand the sight of her so I called the wedding off. After the breakup I caught up with an old family friend and we began to hangout. After about a year I began to catch feeling for her and she caught feelings for me as well. Everything was GREAT we did everything together we went to church together, movies, restaurants, bowling, and eventually we made it official. After a year of being together my oldest told me that she didn't think my girlfriend liked her. So things started to go south from there I felt one way and my girlfriend felt another and eventually the spat between my oldest daughter and girlfriend led to our demise. So here I am a year later trying to work things out with the mother of my kids but I can't get my ex out of my head and now I'm sick because I miss her so much and I just want her. I recently broke things off with my kids mother because the feelings are just not there anymore. Now I catch myself staring at my ex's IG account and I just want to call her and tell her how much I miss her and love her but I believed she has moved on and rightfully so she's a beautiful, intelligent, and God fearing woman and any man would be lucky to have her. I know your suppose to wait things out after breaking up with somebody but I JUST WANT HER to possibly be my EVERYTHING!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP.............