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Strawberry Letter- How Can I Get This Man Out Of My House

Posted July 28th, 2014 @ 9:29am

I am a married woman who just found out recently that her husband has been unfaithful. I tried to forgive and move forward BUT caught him going back to her after promising he had ended it. I ran up on him at a park with a second woman and after trying to beat the tar out of him with a tree branch decided that the marriage wasn't worth trying to save. I finally had a real conversation with him about the situation and told him that we should separate. This man is refusing to leave. Before it was the other woman had my back and was going to take him in. I can’t live with this drama and neither can our children. Steve, how can I get him out of our home…???? I mean seriously he is the one at fault and we have kids whose lives should not have to suffer because of his mess. Help?

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