Dear Steve and Shirley,

My girl and I have lunches and dinners and our husbands interact as well. Her husband has a successful home improvement business so he is often at our house painting and fixing things. I've been friends with her for 20 years and I've known her husband for 8 years. Last year, I received a text from her husband asking about a leak we had and then he texted, What are you wearing?" It was about 10pm so I ignored the text thinking, oh this must be a mistake. Then he texted, "Do you think nasty thoughts about me because I think about you all the time." I was shocked! I had to think back to see if I'd said or done anything to lead him on or make him think it was cool to come at me like that. I sent him a text telling him he was completely out of line, inappropriate, and disrespectful. I told him to never ever come at me like that again and that I respected my marriage, his marriage, and my girlfriend much more than he obviously did. He apologized profusely and asked me not to mention it to his wife, my friend. I told him that I wouldn't mention it, but he needed to get it together quick and stop being so foul! Everything was back to normal and he continued to do work in my house. On July 10th at 8pm, I got a text from him, saying I heard you're going to the beach this weekend. My boy said to send some pictures and I'll be by to paint the kitchen next Thursday, make sure your husband is not there. What the heck? Seriously? It's like suddenly a year later he got the green light again. Should I check him again? Should I tell her because I feel she deserves better? What if she thinks I'm the aggressor? This situation is the worst!