Dear strawberry letter,

I’m a successful women working in corporate America. Doing me very well I was dating older men like 50ish, I’m in my 40s. This young 34 yr old started pursuing me. I pushed him off for six months. We started dating and he told me that he dated older women in past. I could not understand why but soon realized he had no job so I pushed him to go to school and told him a real man brings it to table. He is told me white women would take care of him. I told him when I get up everyone goes. Things were going great until I needed to use his iPad. I logged on to check my gmail and his came up. I’m a women and started to look, wow. This man was on every dating site posting naked pics and on craigslist propositioning for sex. I did more research and found out he was a sex offender so even though is a level one it’s still an offender. I went to vacation mail on his gmail account and typed reply I’m a sex offender alert if this man, I put his name, contacts you call 911. Please go to Megan’s list to confirm if in your neighborhood. This message went out to all his contacts and his probation officer. I then packed all his stuff put in paper bags and placed them on my lawn, changed my locks, and security codes. I then go and check his voicemail and there was a women on there with like ten calls. I call her to inform her of who I am. She told me she gives him money for sex and why am I complaning. I took the high road and hung up on her. I was hurt then it turned to revenge. I’m doing better just got back from Greece and Spain and had fun. Please Steve, what did I do wrong in my pick of a man?