Hello Steve and Shirley,

I'm written this letter cause I don't know what to do!! I've been with my man for three years we have our ups and downs but we making it. I did a real stupid thing thinking I was helping a friend out and no I didn't sleep with him in no shape or form. He was just a friend I knew him for five years and he came to me and asked me can I deposit a check in my account. Instead of doing just that he stole my money out of my account. Yes, I did trust him and gave him my card so dumb and so stupid on my behalf I'm beating myself up everyday for doing that real stupid move. Now I was scared to tell my man what happen cause I knew he would chew me out. He found out through my daughter's Facebook because I went on her page to write him because he end up deleting me off his page. My man is like a dad to my kids. My daughter wants him to adopt her. He went off on me through text message saying I'm messing him up and all this stuff calling me all types of names. I'm trying to tell him I never slept with him I thought I was helping a friend out and he robbed me but of course I got dumped thur text messages. I know I should of told him instead of him finding out like that I was just so scared. Now I lost my man and my loot cause of my stupid actions. I don't know what to do cause he won't even talk to me and we work together and everything. My dad said me not telling him made it look like we was sleeping together and I swear that is really not the case. I've really been faithful to this man cause I'm scared to death to catch a disease because condoms break lol!!! What should I do, should just let my three years go down the drain or should I just let him cool off? I'm going crazy cause I never got a chance to explain myself. Now I get headaches just beating myself up cause I really love this man and I didn't do anything but got played by a so called friend!!! Help me