I made a stupid mistake. About a year ago my man and I were not as close as we are now and he took me to one of his partners birthday party and I chose up on someone else. Now don't be hard on me because I am already. Its no excuse why I did what I did but after a year of us on and off and him saying he didn't want a relationship I took it at face value. Someone else step to me that was also my flavor and I messed up and gave that man my number. He was not a friend of my friend but they were both friends to the birthday boy. I felt so sick when I did that! I promise you I've never done anything like that before. We are still together as a couple now, but I don't trust him. Mr. Steve I never called or saw that man since that night. How can I regain trust from my man again? I think he has stepped out on me. I know he was hurt, but I have suffered any and everything he has to dish out because I allowed satan to take control with the alcohol and lust. I love this man but I don't want to go into 2010 with the same bull crap he has been pulling. Do you think a couple can really make it after something like that happening when his pride and ego has been stepped on. To all good men I apologize but let that woman know what your intentions are. Thanks help