Good Morning,

I’m writing because I need your advice. I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months and at first things between us were great. He was attentive, expressive, and always wanted to have sex. We decided to live together, now after 2 months I’m losing his attention and have to compete with his laptop and our two pets. Before we moved in together this was not an issue. When he comes home from work, he lovingly greets the pets, barely speaks to me, pops open his laptop and all conversations stop before they can start. He ignores me and I don’t feel important to him anymore and the sex is diminishing. He works with computers daily but he’s OBSESSED with his. He even falls asleep with it. He says he’s tired or has a headache when I want sex, but ALWAYS has time to spend with the pets or “caress” his laptop. I look at the screen to see if he’s looking at porn or FB, which he’s not; it’s usually sports or the news. I don’t think he’s cheating. I love him but don’t want to compete for his attention anymore. Please help me to become first in his life again. Thanks.