Steve Harvey Morning Show,

I'll get straight to it. I have been dating this wonderful man. When we started dating I told him that I had been sexually active with one of his close friends before we ever met. He accepted it and was still open to having a relationship with me. Before we became very serious I had sex with the friend again. I did it not to hurt him but because I need to know for me that the new man is the one that I truly want to be with. Well when me and the friend had sex I felt nothing. It verified for me that I had strong feeling for the new man. I haven't done anything else outside of this relationship. Which is really big for me because I will admit I have been very promiscuous throughout my life. Me and the new man have talked about marriage on a in depth level more than just "I am going to marry you one day." My question is do I tell him about what I did! I don't want to loose him he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my son. 

Please Help,

Frustrated with myself