Hi Steve and crew,

I am a white man in Georgia and have a black girlfriend I admit I love black women especially ones with some meat on their bones! I love my girlfriend and I feel that she loves me. The problem I have with her is that she loves racial jokes! On occasions, (especially around her family) she will say jokes about white people which are really offensive, and her family will point at me and laugh. I chuckle every now and then to keep peace but when I pull her to the side and speak to her about it, she tells me “I’m joking” and continues later. She has even told me that the jokes aren't considered racist because she is black and it won’t be considered racist (a phrase that I still don't get). When I ask her to do something for me like get me a glass of water or a sandwich, she shouts “Yes Massa!” I haven't said anything bad about her and I  take care of her and her kids. It doesn't seem like the racism will stop, what should I do?