Dear Steve, Shirley and Crew,

My cousin is a stud, and she has a girlfriend, who has a husband. Her girlfriend has four kids two of which is her husband. Her husband and my cousin don't get along at all because of the girlfriend/wife. Recently my cousin went to another state to finish her education and she wanted me to live at her girlfriend house to keep an eye on her every movement. I did but her girlfriend was keeping an extra eye on me, I know you know what I mean! Me and her did do some things, hint, hint. I did tell my cousin about it and she said she didn't care, me and my cousin share every thing (mostly.)  Now her husband trying to get back into the picture and get his wife back. He did come back but instead of the wife he wanted me but this happened before but I found out it was her husband and I backed off. Her girlfriend and her husband told me they wanted a three some with me, I asked my cousin about it, she said she doesn't care, whatever happens, happens. I didn't want to but my cousin girlfriend kept telling me and her husband to do it by ourselves, day after day pushing it in our face. So we did it and we liked it, so we did it again and again and she got mad but every time we did it she told us to do it. She and my cousin knew about it the whole time, but we got closer and closer every time we had sex. Now he told me he was gonna leave her for me, but I don't want him. Now I'm pregnant by him, What shall I do?