Hello Steve Harvey Morning show crew!

I've been with my man on and off for 14 years. 4 years ago during a break up, he had a set of twins that we are now raising together. He works a regular  9 to 5 job that's 10 mins away but gets home after 6 daily. As for me, I work the grave yard shift starting at 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. I leave work, pick up the twins and keep them all day. When he gets home he makes a drink  and find something to do other than spend time with the twins. If and when he cooks he has the nerve to cook food the babies can't eat because he cooks everything loaded with hot peppers. He said, if they're hungry enough they'll eat know matter how spicy it is. He also claims he can't watch the twins and cook at the same time, another excuse to keep them out of his way. He comes home to a clean house every day and heads to work leaving it a mess. We agreed I wouldn't complain about the mess and clean daily if he gives me an massage once a week...that was a joke! I'm still waiting! And the killer..the twins and I sleep in separate rooms, before I leave for work I lay them quietly by his side. I'm a house wife that pays half the rent, cleans the house and watches the kids. Did I mention there is no sex life! This man has cheated on me, stole from me, allowed his oldest child to steal and disrespect me. We don't go out together, we don't even watch tv together. When I complain about our situation he says, "where are you going to live and not have to pay on the water, gas, and electric bills. I'm not getting any younger, is it time to walk away! Am I being pimped!?