Dear Shirley Steve and Crew,

I have been a fool long enough! I am a 28 yr old young woman who has bit off more than I can chew. At the young age of 18 I got married to a guy that I knew wasn't gonna work. I went through the relationship for seven long ugly abusive years. I decided to get out of the relationship about three years ago. Sadly my way of getting out of the relationship was to turn to another man. BIG BIG mistake while the person I decided to be with was a person that I have known all my life we grew up together as close family but we are no kin. We dated for about year and a half and I found out we were pregnant! He was so excited to know that we was about to have a child. Seven months into the pregnancy I discovered he had another woman pregnant but not only that they had been in a relationship for about eight years!!! I never knew of this young lady. Since all this crap had hit the fan I decided to have the baby and move away and I did just that. I even moved out of state because it was just to embarrassing to me to have to swallow this pill dealing with this DOG A** person. Well even though I did all these things moving, and stop talking to him. He always manages to end up back in my life. Yes, I know he is still with this other person although he lies and say that they are not together. He is here in my state at least four times a month and he sends for me at least two times a month. This man has a ten year age gap on me and the other girl. He is using the both of us but the only two who don't get along is me and her. It's like we take turns with him its sick and embarrassing! I know I can't keep being a fool I deserve so much more but I just don't have a clue where to start. Please give me some insight because I am to embarrassed to talk to my dad about this. He would never imagine I was living a life like this! It's ok to be a fool but a DAMN FOOL I'M TIRED OF BEING!