Dear Steve and Shirley,

I write this letter with a peaceful heart but I want to know if you agree with me. After 20 months of no sex, I've concluded that my husband doesn't love me and we're getting a divorce. 20 months ago, I told him I didn't feel special, and I didn't feel loved, protected, and I didn't like the way he talked about my body. He said I was beginning to look like a dried up old woman just because I lost a few extra pounds. I'm 5'7" and I dropped down to 125 pounds. He made fun of my hair issues. I always feel I have the worse hair in any room, and I'm constantly changing my hair, trying to find ways of making it pretty without the help of expensive professionals that I can't afford. Speaking of being able to afford things, he's always had a 50/50 policy with me. In the 11 years we've been married, he rarely takes me out and treats me. I end up doing more than 50% because I do the shopping for the family groceries and clothing for our kids. I'd feel like I was nickling and diming him if I constantly presented receipts to him for reimbursement. My bad I guess. About 20 months ago, I started talking about these issues and moved away from him sexually. I thought he'd try to reconnect. Instead he says I'm going through a phase, maybe menopause, acting like my mother, have no sense of humor, etc. He never really takes me seriously. Here we are 20 months later, me sleeping on the couch for over a year, and now about to move out into an apartment. Now he says that I'm determined to destroy our family. He says he loves me. I think not. What do you think?