Good Morning,

My husband and I have been married for six years. We have our problems as far as money issues, but as far as us loving each other it’s all there. My issue is every Friday my husband goes to a place where there is drinking and gambling and gets drunk and gambles. There are mostly men there, I know because I’ve been there, and a few selective skanks are there also (not worried about the skanks.) I look good, but my problem is should I complain that he down there every Friday hanging with his friends or just enjoy the time doing something I like to do? He’s been doing this since we first met it’s not something new but it is getting kinda old. The place is a place for men alone and not legal. I don’t like going there but sometimes he wants me to come through just to show me off and to watch him play cards or whatever. The whole time he’s there he calls me so why doesn't he just chill with me? Is this just a man thing or what? I am 44 and he is 41 our sex life is great (3x per week) the only real issue is money. We live check to check and that could be stressful but he thinks because he works hard all week he is entitled to do this every weekend 7 years. Just need a truthful opinion.

I love your show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!