Dear Steve,

I would like your help in this situation. I am 41 years old, my family is always upset with me because the men that I date are ALWAYS in their early twenties. I have tried to date men my own age but it never works out and when I meet someone that I like they are ALWAYS YOUNGER than me. I have no problem dating younger men and they are always calling me and taking me out, but my family says I will never marry or have children at this rate because I won’t date someone my age. The men I am dating are in college and/or working. They treat me like a queen and I always tell them they can find someone else their own age and they never do. They don’t like talking to women their own age. Should I just get out of the dating scene until someone my age comes around or should I be happy with what I have? I would like to get married one day and have children but I haven’t found the right one for all that right now and men do it all the time so why can’t I? I’m only dating them and none of the men I am dating have said they want to settle down and be with only me and I am so busy too that I haven’t given a thought to having just one of them full time either. I would really appreciate your insight on this for me.