I have an “issue” that I have been living with for several years now. I was once married to a beautiful African-American woman whom I loved from head to toe. All went well with us until I got a job with the Corrections Department in California. I worked long hours trying to take care of her and the children. I thought everything was going well. Then, one day I came home early. The kids were outside and there were two cars in the driveway. I went in to see who was there and got a big surprise. My wife was in bed with two men AND a women, having the time of her life. I was so hurt and so mad that I could have taken them all out. I held my composure, throwing the company out and having a long talk with my cheating wife. During the walk, she stated that she had cheated MANY times since we married. She was bored (she said), tired of “dull” sex with me and more so, had a far stronger sex drive than I could imagine. She needed sex “all the time” and I just wasn’t what she needed to satisfy her. With these words, we divorced. Her last words to me were “You should consider someone white, because you ain’t ever going to satisfy a Black woman with your little self.” I tried to ignore that, but here is my issue. Since we divorced, I have dated many Black women. Several have said the same thing to me (basically) that my ex-wife said and all of them have cheated on me: ALL OF THEM! In 1990, I moved to San Diego and started dating Caucasian women. To date, I have had no issues with them, at least not with cheating. I am happy with them. I tried to date another sister (who looked a lot like Shirley Strawberry, by the way) and once again, she sneaked out and cheated. I went back to dating all White women and for the most part, I am happy. Well, you would not believe how much flack I have received for my dating choices. I have been called everything from an Uncle Tom to ignorant to a fool to “blinded” because of a few unfaithful Sisters. I say that I am none of the above. I just have my own preferences and what makes ME happiest is what is most important to me. My kids say they are ashamed of me and they have real problems inviting me over to their homes because I might bring “one of those White hussies” with me. I tell them I am ashamed of their attitudes and I pray that they will seek Jesus, so they will learn to love people regardless of their race. They told me that they wish the same to me, so I can learn to see the beauty in Black women. I told them it is not a “beauty” issue, but an issue of character and being faithful. I ask you, am I wrong to limit my preferences? I have been hurt too many times by “the same thing” and I choose not to allow myself to get burned again. Yes, I am aware that Caucasian women can also cheat, but so far, it has not happened (as far as I know). Can you help me with this issue? My kids listen to you all the time and they (say that they will) respect your opinions. Thank you for your time and help