I have a family member that married early 20. I didn't feel like I was getting treated like I wanted, so I seeked refuge elsewhere, and accidently slept with his brother. I told my husband of the mistake and he was hurt but said he forgave me. We moved right along and ended up having a baby, who is now 3 years old. All was fine, then I find out he got a good friend of mine pregnant. We talked and he stated he really wasn't fully okay even though he said that he was. He messed up and ask for me to forgive like he did me. Now the she had the baby and was kicked out of her house by her family and because it supposed to be my husband’s baby he said that we have to give her a place to stay because she has nowhere to go. I love my husband and daughter very much and he loves me too, but what do I do?


Subject: Does 2 Wrongs make a right? Part II

Shirley and Steve,

I heard your guy’s response but it is not what it seems. So the accident was that we began to have sex but stopped once we realized that it was drinking too much alcohol that was leading to this decision even though I felt that I was being treated nicely by my husband. They have been living with us now for about a month. I hate it and his family hates the girl as well but for whatever reason my husband has not made a stand on getting her out. Is till have no idea what I can do because I don’t want to break my family up and I should stand by the side of my husband because he told me he only slept with her once and the unfortunate situation occurred. Again lost and confused.