(Photo credit: Renard Henderson)

Today, I'm remembering my colleague/friend/mentor/brother E. Steven Collins.
E. passed way late Sunday night and his death really hits home for me and the WDAS family. E. has been on the radio airwaves in Philadelphia for more than 4 decades, most of that as an air personality, national sales manager and newsman right here at WDAS. More than that, he was an activist here in the city he loved for the community he loved. Whether the issue was housing, education, hunger,
voting rights, discrimination, healthcare or workers' rights, E. brought these conversations and more to the community through the airwaves. It's amazing E. passed so close to the anniversary of 9/11 because I recall him being on the air along side the various personalities when WDAS had to stop the music and bring vital information. E. was there, as he always was. There are many journalists in this area and beyond who owe a break or their mentorship to E. On or off mic, E. Steven Collins had a big personality with the heart to match. We will bring you information on arrangements as we get them. Let's keep E.'s wife Lisa, the children and family in our thoughts and prayers.

Our very own Tony Brown reflects on E. Steven Collins.