Many of us carry little cash and rely on credit and debit cards for shopping which is pretty convenient but sometimes  put us at risk.  Recently Target confirmed a security break that potentially compromised 40 million credit and debit cards.

Who should be concerned?  If you shopped at Target between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, you should keep a close eye for any suspicious or unusual activity on any credit or debit card accounts that you used while shopping during that time. You should call your card’s issuing bank if you discover any suspicious, unusual or fraudulent activity.

You have zero liability for any charges that you didn’t make. No action is required by you unless you see charges you didn’t make.  Your social security number was not compromised. Be wary of call or email scams that may appear to offer protection but are really trying to get personal information from you.

Although sales were down somewhat after the news broke - Target has gone into overdrive to reassure its customers that it will do everything to protect customer's credit and help if there are any problems. Target will offer free credit monitoring to everyone who was impacted. Check here for the latest. 

Not too long ago I checked my Amex statement only to find someone had made three hundred one dollar purchases to iTunes in my name.  The credit card company immediately removed charges but it just goes to show that Cyber thieves are getting more sophisticated and which makes it even more important to keep a regular eye on your credit card statements. 


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