On Sunday October 20th Clear Channel Media+Entertainment station WDAS FM will be broadcasting live from the annual AIDS WALK PHILLY & AIDS RUN PHILLY TO RAISE FUNDS, AWARENESS sponsored by the AIDS Fund. Please don’t do the math but I’ve been actively covering HIV/AIDS since the early ‘80’s and even earlier when I started following a little column in the Village Voice that was reporting about a mysterious disease that was killing gay men.

Since then we have come to understand that HIV/AIDS is not a gay disease. We know it’s not spread through casual contact and that early detection is the key. Anyone who is sexually active should be tested. What continues to bother me is despite everything we know – there’s still a stigma attached to HIV/AIDS. Families are shunning their children, business still discriminate and most critically – people aren’t getting tested because they fear the reaction of their community. Check out this video produced by the AID Fund to see the terrible consequences.





I hope to see you at the AIDS Walk Philly and AIDS Run. I’ll be broadcasting between 6:30 and 8:00 AM Sunday as I’ve done for many years and will continue to do as long as I am able. I want to see this epidemic end. I want to live to see us to get to Zero.


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