The Philadelphia Police Department has identified the two men charged in the carjacking that led to the tragic deaths of three kids and put their mother in critical condition. They are also charged with the serious injury and sexual assault of the owner of the jacked car.  The suspects are 19 year old Jonathan Rosa and 22 year old Cornelius Crawford.   The details here via 6ABC.  Police credited tireless detective work and the cooperation of the community in helping with the arrest.  In a side note - according to District Attorney Seth Williams -  former Philadelphia Seventy Sixer Charles Barkley has offered to pay for the funeral of the three children. 

In the meantime the city is grappling with yet another high profile killing.  The fact that three children were the victims only underscores the outrage and frustration of many.  The Father's Day Rally Committee wants to channel those emotions by asking concerned Philadelphians to join them and a coalition of anti-violence organizations for a rally at 6:00 PM on the corner of Germantown and Allegheny Avenue - near the site of the carjacking.  The rally will focus on solutions to reduce violence in our city.  For more information call 215-236-3372 or 215-696-5362.

So often when a high profile tragedy like this one occurs - the city rallies. While the root cause of violence are many and complex - here's hoping that out of this senseless murder of innocents - the seeds of something real and positive are created.


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