The view outside my office window during the last storm.


Are you finding yourself a tad bit cranky lately?  I think we're all pretty sick of this crazy winter weather but here it is. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning with the potential of 6-8 inches and the potential of more in some areas starting Wednesday night.  With another major winter storm heading this way it doesn't hurt to go over some important safety tips provided by the American Red Cross. Here are the highlights:


Make sure your vehicle is ready for winter with a window scraper, kitty litter or sand in case you get stuck, extra clothes and a Disaster Supplies Kit in your trunk. Pack high-protein snacks, water, first aid kit, flashlight, small battery-operated radio, an emergency contact card with names and phone numbers, extra prescription medications, blankets and important documents or information you may need.


Fill the vehicle’s gas tank and clean the lights and windows to help you see.
Before you leave, let someone know where you are going, the route you plan to take, and when you expect to get there. If your car gets stuck, help can be sent along your predetermined route.




Follow these steps to stay safe as the winter onslaught continues:

Wear layers of lightweight clothing to stay warm. Gloves and a hat will help prevent losing body heat. Someone should seek medical attention immediately if they have symptoms of hypothermia, including confusion, dizziness, exhaustion and severe shivering. Watch for symptoms of frostbite, including numbness, flushed gray, white, blue or yellow skin discoloration, numbness, or waxy feeling skin. Be careful when shoveling snow. Cold weather puts extra strain on your heart. Consider your physical condition, the weather and the nature of the task.
Check on your neighbors, especially elderly people living alone, people with disabilities and children.


Keep the thermostat at the same temperature day and night to help avoid freezing pipes.

Download the Red Cross First Aid App for quick, expert advice on what to do in case of an emergency. This free app is available on the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores. 


For a complete guide to weathering our next winter storm go click here for the link to the American Red Cross. And for heaven's sake - be safe!

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