When you shop for a cell phone - it's pretty easy.  You can go online, click on a couple of choices and compare them side by side before you make your decision.  If only it was that easy for parents looking for the best school for their kids.  Guess what?  It is that simple thanks to Great Philly Schools.  You can go to the website greatphillyschools.org and find schools by name or location, select schools to compare, view them side by side and finally make an informed decision based on detailed profiles of more than 400 schools.

Great Philly Schools believes "every child in Philadelphia should have access to a great school. Our mission is to make information accessible so parents, guardians, and students can find, compare, and demand great schools"

If someone you know doesn't have access to a computer - printed guides are available in many libraries and recreation centers. 

Don't delay.  There are a lot of deadlines for applications to public charter schools.

Check out my interview with Great Philly Schools Shelton Mercer for more details:



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