Each day, we receive several book club submissions; here are some of the most recent must-read publications. They are sure to keep you turning page after page!


Real Men Speak Womanese by Lawrence Moore

Real Men Speaks Womanese enlightens men on how best to communicate love to their significant other in a way she'll understand. Rather than focusing on how different men and women are, Lawrence Moore focuses on five components of effective relationship communication: emotional, verbal, physical, spiritual, and sexual communication.

Real Men Speaks is available at/on Amazon, iTunes Books, and Barnes & Noble.



From the Block to the Boardroom: As Told to Detric "Qadiriyyah" Goss

by Tracey D. Syphax

"As an ex-offender the road to starting my own multi-million dollar enterprise was one littered with obstacles that would have discouraged many people but became rungs on my ladder to success. My transition from the block to the boardroom was one that made me friend, enemy, mentor and role model. While the construction and real estate business ultimately made me a millionaire on paper, my dealings in the past cost me plenty. This book gives you a first hand look at how I changed my life." - Tracey D. Syphax

From the Block to the Boardroom is available on Amazon.



Love in a Carry-On Bag Sadeqa Johnson

Erica Shaw spends her week babysitting the country's bestselling authors for one of the top publishing companies in New York City. But on Friday nights she escapes to D.C., where her sexy-lipped musician boyfriend, Warren Prince, works and performs. Their connection is fierce, and the couple promises to never miss a weekend together. But when real life walks in - an overbearing father, an alcoholic mother, office politics, and a lucrative job contract - the couple starts unraveling at the seam. Tempers flare, violence breaks, while new lovers eagerly wait in the wings - to claim both of them.

Drenched in the perils of passion and the sweet sounds of jazz, Johnson dives deep into the world of ambition and the stumbling blocks of family. Clever, fast-paced and sexy, Love in a Carry-On Bag is a modern day love story that marks the healing power of forgiveness and begs the question, how much baggage is really too heavy to carry?

Love in a Carry-On Bag is available at/on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



Keisha Klarke: Real Life by Keisha Klarke

Between the pages of this book are the very explicit detailed sexual behaviors of a one Keisha Klarke. The enjoyment of her participation is described in such realism, that the wording actually becomes imaginable, if not desired. In the midst of pulling her pants down, the young woman/growing adult somehow managed to maintain her objective, and achieve her set goals in the corporate world of big business. Unfortunately, most reckless endangering behaviors are associated with consequences that are usually harsh, or to the severity of being life threatening. As a young aggressive focused person, Keisha clearly placed the rewards of financial success first, with her ill advised styfe of sexing coming in a close second.

Keisha Klarke: Real Life is available on Amazon.