Check out Frankie's local book picks for the month of April! Each one is a must-read indeed!


Busted: A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love

by Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker

Busted is a story of two journalists' quest to unmask corrupt police officers and a warped justice system. One afternoon in late 2008, a man walks in to the offices of the local tabloid the Philadelphia Daily News  and asks to speak with reporter Wendy Ruderman. But what Benny Martinez tells Wendy and her colleague Barbara Laker is too shocking to ignore; his career as a confidential informant for a member of the Philadelphia Police Department's narcotics squad has drawn him into a horrifying web of corruption, and now he is afraid for his life.

The decision they make that day to believe Benny's saga will lead the two journalists to uncover a truth darker then they could have imagined. Busted is Ruderman and Laker's riveting account of their explosive investigation into the acts committed by rogue members of the narcotics squad. Starting with a scheme to fabricate search warrants, the scandal soon encompasses the systematic, citywide looting of immigrant-owned businesses and allegations of brutal sexual assault.

Busted: A Tale of Corruption and Betrayal in the City of Brotherly Love is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Lula Mae by Bianca Cuie

Lula Mae Harrison is a beloved young woman in the small segregated town of Eunice, Louisiana. She was born and raised in a Creole community that is still mending from a past which caused rifts between loved ones, who are forced to redefine their identities as a consequence of their collective history.

A rare and educated young woman of promise with a heart of gold, oppressed by untold dysfunction within her own family, Lula Mae rebels and courageously carves out a life on her own with the help of her faith and with the one whom she trust the most.

Lula Mae seeks to find her purpose and embarks on a new life for herself in pursuit of her dreams to become a blessing to her children and family. However, Lula Mae is unknowingly being undermined every step of the way by the one closest to her heart. When confronted with the truth, Lula must decide a way forward for her life, and must decide whether or not she should let go of the one nearest to her heart - and at what cost.

Lula Mae is available from Amazon and the iTunes store.


Only Fools Gamble Twice by Natosha Gale Lewis

Taylor Chavers knows all about drama because it always follows her. After years of abandonment from her drug addicted mother, Taylor now ventures out on her own to find a "normal" life. She meets Delaney Love and expects all her problems to be solved, but her dilemmas are just beginning.

Morgan Watson is no fool and has a no nonsense attitude. After being totally humiliated by her good-for-nothing ex fiance, Mister, she's just happy to be single. Never again will any man pull the wool over her eyes. Morgan is suddenly faced with family woes of her own that causes her to lean on Mister for moral support. Will she stand on her own or fall back into his treacherous arms?

Only Fools Gamble Twice is available from AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Kindle for only 99 cents.