Hey, it's Frankie! Get the Phillyism clues right here on my page, and call me with the answer at 5:25 for a chance to win tickets to see Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, The Isley Brothers and Kem in concert at the Mann Center on Saturday, August 3, 2013. I'll give the clues on air and on this page at 3:41p; 4:10p and 4:41p. Make sure you have the complete answer to these clues when you call me at 215-263-1053 or 1-877-894-1053.

Here are today's Phillyism Clues

Clue 1- Camden Philadelphia

Clue 2- 309 S. Broad st

Clue 3- Aretha Franklin, O'jays, Wilson Pickett

Congratulations to our winner, Zina Reyes from North Philadelphia, for getting all three clues to today's Phillyism which the answer was Gamble-Huff