Do you have an amazing idea for a business or do you have a local business that is looking for capital?  How about a loan – up to $5000 – interest free?  Small businesses are the backbone of our nation. There are more than 26 thousand of them in Philadelphia employing more than half a million people in the region.  The challenge is that a lot of these small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs struggle to get the startup money they need.  They may be denied loans because their money needs are too small, their business is too young, their credit history is too short or damaged or they’re too out of the box for conventional lenders.

That’s where Kiva Zip Philadelphia comes in.  The Kiva Zip community provides access to 0% interest loans and a community passionate about helping entrepreneurs. With over a million lenders, corporate sponsors, and local governments, their network helps businesses find the resources they need to grow – up to $5000.00.  To apply they need to complete an application and also get seed money from their circle of family and friends who are willing to prove their credit worthiness. 

I checked out their site and some of the small businesses looking for capital included  a barbecue caterer, creators of a hyper local mobile app that allows peers to buy and sell goods and services to one another and a fun intervention program that reduces the high school dropout rate among at risk teen girls. All very different businesses that share passion, plans and people in their community who know and trust them. 

To find out how you can apply for a loan or join the millions of lenders willing to give these startups a helping hand click here and listen to my interview with Alyssa Thomas, Manager of Kiva Zip Philadelphia.


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