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Steppingstone Scholars started in 1999 in Philadelphia and is an educational nonprofit in Philadelphia dedicated to bridging the gap in the college pipeline. We offer two programs: The Steppingstone Academy and the Middle Grades Academy. TSA is our core program that takes select high performing students in underserved schools and provides them with the enrichment they need to be admitted to high-performing schools.

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The MGA takes our 16 years of experience in providing students with enrichment and brings it to three K-8 schools in West and North Philadelphia. Every year, Steppingstone Scholars hosts the Step Into College conference, a two-day college prep conference organized in response to cuts in SDP’s college access services and personnel. Working with our partners, the Conference targets high schools that have suffered cuts in counseling staff in the School District of Philadelphia and populations of students across the region who are underrepresented in higher education. Sign up for the conference at and click on the “events” page. 

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